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“Incorporating prevention and optimisation of the performance in theatre is an essential duty we all need to work on. We should all realise once and for all that we need to have a good relation of peace, tranquility and understanding with our body. The information and training that they have provided me with has been an awakening to something I already suspected. I have discovered that I need to go back to work on that again.”

Carmelo Gómez, actor.
“When I fractured my little finger, I couldn't imagine that I was going to improve the physical and technical potencial of my hands, especially not as much as Ana Velázquez has helped me to get to. With her I have discovered new ways of developing the strength of my fingers and of playing the piano in a more correct posture. Her guiding has been essential for my rehabilitation.”

Chano Domínguez, pianist.
“When I first went to CPAE for help regarding the chronic pain I have in my elbow, I already knew Ana Velázquez from the world of the arts, especially the theatre. I knew that she would understand not only my worries for solving the problem but also what pain in the body of a dancer and lack of good performance implies. It is for her empathy and professionalism in the treatment, as well as her explanations about the possible causes of my injury that I have always trusted CPAE, now also as a student in their training courses for dancers, hoping never to get injured again.”

Susana Larriba Adell
Dancer, choreographer and dance teacher
“The musician is like an elite athlete and, as such, the injury risk is very high. The training I received from the course on playing-related injuries was really helpful to analise each gesture of the musician and achieve his or her quickest possible rehabilitation. What's more, this course has also enabled me to teach the musician how to improve his or her technique depending on the instrument, avoiding a possible relapse and winning more efficiency.”

Isaac Gomar, physiotherapist. Valencia.